The 12th Kenting Tai Situpa,

one of the highest leaders of Karma Kagyu lineage visited Holy Isle in 1993:




“When I came here two days ago I was amazed how big this island really is. The photographs do not capture the mass and physical size of the place. Holy Island is the top of a mountain, except unlike an ordinary mountain this is completely alive.


Every cubit of space on Holy Island has 32 sacred points. Even the summit of the island is very much alive. The island is like the centre of a flower where all the energy is concentrated in the stamen. The island is the stamen, Arran and the surrounding Scottish mainland are its petals.


The island is completely surrounded by water and by land. It draws its power to the centre where Holy Island is located. The north of the island is good for activity. The south and east are peaceful. The west is very wrathful.


Saint Molaise must have been very advanced before he meditated in the cave because he managed to transform the wrathful energy of the west of the island. I understand he was a man of great significance for Christianity because he was apparently influential in changing the date when Easter is celebrated. We must make a special effort every Easter to commemorate this. In a way I feel much closer to Christianity than to Hinduism although Buddhism has historical connections with Hinduism. I think it’s because I detect a deep understanding of compassion within Christianity.


The energy on Holy Island is very powerful, though not evil. To work with this intensely spiritual place will require the purest motivation and very much hard work. We first have to spend some time to understand the island’s inner spirituality.


Holy Island sometimes looks like a recumbent lion; sometimes like a human being and at other times like a seagull. This is a powerful place. It is not for everybody. We must respect its presence and work with it, but this will take some time. This is a big project and should not be rushed. It must be completed in the right way.” 




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